You are not alone

images_zpsjraxehm2“big shout out to all the single mums and dads”. Your doing a fantastic job. 

I know how hard it can all be so I decided I would start a blog. Parenting itself is a challenge but to take on the roles of 2 people…all I can say is… you are amazing!! Pls pls pls do not let anyone tell you that you are anything less than amazing.

We all need a little bit of a pick me up and encouragement sometimes, a guide, some support and just to know that we are not alone. Through this blog I hope I can give you some of that and share some of my journey with you.

We all strive to try to give the best to our kids, be the best parent we can be. We don’t want to “fail”, we don’t want to be judged. But here is where the problem begins. Because we dont want to “fail” or be judged we dont ask for help or opinions and when we do it makes us wonder if we’re doing it all wrong. There is no right or wrong, just trial and error. What may work for you might not work for someone else. We all think great parenting is something different and every child is different. Different strategies work for different people. Pls do not be afraid to ask for advice and guidance. You are not alone. You can do anything.

@diaryofasinglemum signing out


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