Let kids remind us

20170727_185528.jpgThis just made my heart melt…

On our adventures today, my son made a friend at the park. They played for over 2hrs together. They played on the swings, raced down the slides, climbed up the rocks, played in the tunnels, conversed about their lives and even collected rocks together.

I was lucky to catch this on camera. How this picture captures everything adults should be. No prejudice, no judgement, no fear. Just two people enjoying each others company. No world or media to tell them any different.

They didn’t see that they were different genders, they didn’t see different race or cultural differences. They saw that they were friends. When we left, my son turns and says “mummy, I had lots of fun with my friend”.

Thank you to the parents that allowed my child to play with theirs. It is a reminder that the world isn’t all that bad. That we can still raise our children without prejudice. A reminder that it is our job as parents to raise the next generation without judgement.

We as parents and adults have a huge influence on our kids. Step back and take a page out of our kids book every now and then. Be care free, let the inner child in you come out, dance like no one is watching, sing as though no one can hear you, laugh uncontrollably and open your hearts like these two kids have in the short period they have known each other.

@diaryofasinglemum signing out


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