Things to do in Koh Samui: travelling with a toddler


Everyone dreams of visiting Thailand at some point in their life. There is so much beauty, so many islands, the problem is choosing which islands you will visit. Depending on What time of year you visit will determine which part of Thailand will be best.

We will be venturing through 5 parts of Thailand. Bangkok, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Patong. I wish we had more time to see all of this beautiful country, but we will have to wait until our next visit.

This is our first Multi-stop holiday. First stop Bangkok, followed by Kuala LumpurPenangSingapore and then Koh Samui. We will embark on our 6 week adventure through South East Asia in just under 3 weeks 😁.

It will be exhausting, especially with a 3.5yr old in tow but it will be unforgettable. We will need a holiday from our holiday!

My son loves travelling, getting out and about and definitely has the travel bug. He has been counting down for the last 3 months! Our holidays are super special as there is no cooking, cleaning, errands, daily hustle, just the two of us spending quality time together. It does take patience, especially when you have a tired child but all in all I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are not enough hours in the day to spend with my little travel bug kid. Take away all of the daily grind and just be, with no care in the world and sand in your hair, there is no better way. Let the inner child come out to play!

This leg was by far the most expensive flight. From SIN Singapore to USM Koh Samui, flying Bangkok air came to a total of $615.20 aud for 1 adult and 1 child. A cheaper alternative was to do a layover to save approximately $200. Bangkok Airways offers a complimentary 20kg pp (adult and child, 10kg for infants) checked baggage, so no need to pay for extra costs. They also offer a complimentary oversize item if travelling with a child such as a pram, car seat or travelcot. Make sure you confirm that this is still the same before you book flights as their T&C can change at anytime.

We will be staying at Nora Chaweng Hotel which I booked through agoda for $452.82 including breakfast for 6 nights.

Arriving at 6.20pm just in time for dinner and an early night before our adventures of Koh Samui begin.

Transfers from the airport are readily available at the transfers counter or you can book online. For a shared van to Chaweng it will cost 130thb pp. If you want to book a car, Mr samui quoted me 350thb whereas from the transfers counter it will cost 500thb.

Starting our day the day after we arrive, this is what our itinerary is looking like thus far:

Day 1:

Day 2, while planning my itinerary, although all my accommodation had already been booked, I couldn’t go past staying at Koh Phangan for one night to explore the island. There is too much to see to be able to fit it into a day trip. Accommodation was cheap enough at $30.38 aud staying at Phangan utopia resort for 1 night. We will take an overnight bag and catch a Ferry over. Cost is approximately $10 aud from Bangrak Pier (closest pier to Chaweng). You can add Koh Phangan to your itinerary so you are not paying double accommodation. The good thing about having double accommodation though is that I won’t have to take my luggage. I would love to have stayed for longer than 1 night but I had to try to work this into our itinerary. We have lost 2 full days spent at Koh Samui to explore Koh Phangan. Follow us and check out what we will be doing in Koh Phangan so you can add it to your bucketlist! Day 3 will be spent exploring Koh Phangan. Last ferry departs at 4.20pm. Make sure you check which pier the ferries will be arriving at.

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6 we will be travelling to Koh Tao via ferry for our next destination. Our itinerary is jam-packed. If I could do over, I would definitely stay longer in Koh Samui to have more time to enjoy the island. I would also stay longer in Koh Phangan. We did loose 2 whole days in Koh Samui to fit in Koh Phangan. If we didn’t loose 2 days, it would probably be enough days to spread out our itinerary.

There are several ferries which depart from different piers from Koh Samui to Koh Tao. Remember to double-check for the correct pier.

I printed out a map of the island and marked out the places I have on my itinerary so I know where everything is. Instead of going back and forth, we can venture down the coastline and tick everything off. There are so many places to see and so many beaches to visit. I wish we could stay longer.

Go to Thailand is an awesome site to use. For booking tours, I found Klook to have some of the cheapest prices. Use my invite code y9676 to receive a discount on your first booking.

Fingers crossed we will get everything ticked off our bucketlist! Remember to follow and take the journey with us through South East Asia. Hopefully I can inspire you to take the plunge and give you some insight.

Next stop Koh Tao ⛴


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